Brushing hair the correct way in order to maintain a healthy head of hair is not that difficult if you can remember a few important points.

The most basic part of being able to brush hair correctly begins with finding a quality brush which is soft enough so it does not cause scalp damage. Ideally you want a brush with boar bristles mixed with synthetic bristles. It’s no surprise there are a lot of expensive ones out there you can buy but it does not have to be so expensive. Spornette brushes are the first ones that come to mind when we talk about quality, inexpensive models with bristles soft enough on your scalp while allowing for quick blow drying Hot Air Brush, 3-in-1 Hair Brush Dryer Straightener Curler B07SH5QZFX.

While brushing hair, if you try to use cheap brushes you will get cheap results on your hair. The scalp is very delicate so nothing harsh should be running across the top of it. If you use harsh bristles this may cause a flaky, unhealthy scalp and you will tend to lose more hair while brushing. It is perfectly normal for some hair strands to fall out as you brush but it is not normal to have a lot of hair forcefully pulled from your scalp.

To brush your hair follow the type of haircut you have; don’t go against what is naturally not there! For example, if you have a wavy style that falls down you may want to brush it softly to get the tangles out using a downward stroke, then finish it off by finger styling it to get the maximum wavy look you are after. If you have long straight hair you want to use soft downward strokes without forcing the brush; let the brushes do their work.

Contrary to what you have heard, you should not use one hundred hair brush strokes every night in front of your vanity mirror. This is an old method handed down through generations and is not in use in today’s contemporary styling methods.

When it comes to brushing hair and getting rid of knots, proceed cautiously so you don’t force the hair strands to break. You can use a de-tangler if you would like after you towel dry your hair to help you achieve your goal.

Brushing Hair the Right Way

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