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Q. How do you charge for your services?

After we have talked with you and determined your need, we will provide you with a quote for the required service, location of the facility you need, and the best method/timing for getting the work done.

Our menu of services is as varied as your needs. The goal is to save you money. Call 770-722-5211 and inquire regarding your particular issue.

Q. Why the focus on women?

A. Women have long been treated with disdain when entering the arena of automotive service, sales and related repairs. We intend to reverse that process and elevate the women to the level of astute, competent customers, who will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. By giving the customer the recognition and care they deserve, we show them, by example, how they can obtain service without being either taken advantage of in price, or by being ignored as ignorant.

Q. Is your service for women only?

A. No - While helping women is our number one priority we aim to make dealing with automotive issues a pleasure for everyone.

Q. What are my rights when I am in a collision and the insurance company attempts to tell me where to have my car repaired? (in Georgia)

The laws in the state of Georgia are clear. It is your vehicle and it is completely your choice of repair shops. The insurance company does not warranty your repairs; the shop that does the work is the one that is warranting their work. We can recommend some places for you, or handle the whole thing if you don’t have the time.

Q. How do I approach a repair on my vehicle, when I know that the service advisor is going to try and sell me more than I need?

Do some research. Of course, you can call us, but you need to know ahead of time generally what your car needs and what the industry standards are on that repair. You can get the price of parts, labor rates, and timing before you go in.

Q. How can I buy a car and avoid the nerve-wracking hassle that is inevitable in this process?

Again, do your research. Start with exactly what you want to purchase. Gather the information on the cost, and then call us. We can get dealerships fighting over you to sell the car at the lowest price. We can tell you about holdbacks, rebates, and dealer costs that will save you money.

Q. How can I find out what the best tires at the best price are for my particular vehicle?

Factors to be considered are: 1. What are your driving habits? 2. What is in your budget? 3. What are you looking for in a tire (i.e., comfort, long wear, economy)? There are several sites you can go to and price out what you may need. Or of course – call us

Q. Who can diagnosis a noise in my car/engine to help me find the best method of repair?

There are many trustworthy repair shops that will do that for you, but beware of those that take it too far. Use a reputable shop that is female friendly and will listen to your concerns without judgment.

Q. Why do men automatically assume women are ignorant when it comes to automotive issues?

Getting sharper about what the game is, and learning how to ask for just what you want is key. Even those of us with years of experience encounter this. Women have never empowered themselves in this arena. Outsmarting them at their own game is how you win.

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