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by Gail Dunn

I had a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had kept in immaculate condition. One Sunday afternoon, it would not start. After looking it over, I found that there was no fuel getting to the rails, and that meant to me that the fuel pump was not operating properly. I had the Jeep towed to the dealership I worked for and on Monday morning went over to the service department. I explained the problem and specifically asked them to install a new fuel pump. Later in the day, the Service Manager brought my vehicle to the Collision Center and told me that they had just replaced a relay, because they got the engine running.

This did not satisfy me, but since the car ran, I went on home. It ran for two days, and then on Wednesday evening, the problem recurred. Once again, I had it towed, but this time to the Collision Center where I worked. I went to the parts department, purchased a fuel pump, and found a service tech that would install it for $40 as a side job.

When I confronted the Service Manager, he said he was trying to save me money. I reiterated that I had originally asked that they install a fuel pump, and had not requested a diagnosis or money-saving patch.

The upshot of all of this, the service department would have charged me about $750 to install the pump, but when they dropped the ball, I had the work done for less than $300.

Fortunately, I knew how to get my needs met even though the men who looked at my car thought otherwise.


I just picked up a brand new car from the dealership today. I'm so happy with it, and I want to refer you to Gail Dunn, who helped me. She does all the haggling and research for you. You just tell her what you want for what price, and then all you have to do is go into the dealership and sign the paperwork.

Gail was wonderful to work with. She listened to my needs, went out and got me a really great car, and for $2000 less than my lowest offer. She's easy to work with, easy to talk to, and this woman knows her stuff! The most important thing to me was that she saved me a ton of headaches in not having to work with dealerships. She also saved car dealers from my wrath, so it worked out great for everyone. Her service was such a bargain, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for help with buying a car. She also works with people who need help in dealing with mechanics.

Carrie Cantwell
(In an email to friends)


Gail has saved me more money than my car payment on repair and
diagnostics! My check engine light frequently comes on and seems to be
sensitive to many conditions. Gail was able to diagnose the problem, read the code, and reprogram the computer so that the light did not
unnecessarily come on again...all in her driveway!

I also recently needed new brake pads, which turned into new rotors as well. On a car like mine, this would have cost hundreds of dollars at a dealer or other shop because of the imported brand. She referred me to a shop in her network that did the work at a fair price for labor and parts. Looking over the itemized bill, my husband could not believe how inexpensive it was!

Thanks Gail, for taking the hassle out of car maintenance and repair for me time and again.

Rebekah Lovell
Woodstock, GA


I have a 2002 Saturn L200 with 145K miles. Because I was leery of local auto shops after getting burned and had not done, nor knew how to do, the homework to research who was legit and who was not, I always took my car to Saturn of Roswell or Pep Boys. I was good about adhering to the service schedule provided by the manufacturer and kept a file of every trip to the shop. Given this I was at first hesitant to add another person to my car care world thinking I had it covered and not wanting to try something new.

Gail was present at a women's business networking meeting and spoke to us briefly about the service she provides. I took her card and pamphlet and thought "that's nice" and kept going. Shortly thereafter at about 148K miles the air conditioner on my Saturn L200 quit blowing cold air. I had Pep Boys take a look at the A/C during a routine service visit. They told me it would require a new compressor and also found an issue with the rear motor mount. I was asked if I heard a noise though the problem was not fully explained. They estimated it would cost at least $1120.00 depending on how extensive the damage to the A/C as well as parts and labor required.

I called Gail and she was very patient while I explained what was wrong with the car, the history of repair and the folks who did the work. She referred me to Roswell Auto Tech in Alpharetta where I live. I dropped the car off early morning and within a few hours they had done a full diagnostic and were ready to order parts. In the end they fixed the A/C and even more. They found that the noise the Pep Boys personnel member found was not the rear engine motor mount but an issue with the brake line. I paid half what I was originally quoted but moreover I found service folks who KNOW what they are doing and are patient and diligent about honoring the unwritten service contract between consumers and auto service providers. They did their best to fix the problem and not just simply get me t o buy a new part. They were energetic and passionate about what they do and I am a very happy customer.

Sharon F
Roswell, GA


Many women who have a problem with their car feel very vulnerable. It is not unusual for females to feel like they are going to be taken advantage of by automobile dealers and repair companies—and they often are. So, what did I do when my car was damaged and needed repair? I called the one woman I knew I could trust - Gail Dunn. She really knows her stuff; and gave me the kind of advice I needed to negotiate with the collision company. She found a repair shop locally, told them what was wrong with my car, and informed me approximately what I would be charged. Once I got the estimate, I knew that I was getting a fair deal because of the legwork that had already been done by a professional on my behalf.

Gail gave me piece of mind that I never would have had without her assistance. Even though she is in Georgia and I am in Florida, she was able, through her national contacts, to assist me very effectively.I would be pleased to recommend Gail to any woman that needs help in finding reliable, fair repair work done on their car.

Joyce Marshall
Dade City, Florida


With her zest for life and warm personality, it's no wonder Gail has so many connections nationwide! I'm sure every mechanic, parts manager or sales rep she's ever met would bend over backwards to assist one of Gail's referrals! She's incredibly passionate about the automotive industry, and in particular, about helping people save time AND money.

Kristen Smith
Alpharetta, GA




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